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Memories fade , but we will never forget!"


Nickie van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve
18-01-1998 - 28-03-2011
Nickie was the oldest she was 13 years old. She lived at my neighbor's house she was there for almost 4 years.I want to thank Jolanda who tooks care of her. Nickie stayed with the family to watch and give the mother who has alzheimercompany she was a briljant therapy dog,
We all will miss her and she will stay in our harts
She was a wunderfull dog with a super character


Nickie van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve
18-01-1998 - 28-03-2011

Ziva vom Haus Hetok
06-02-1998 - 05-05-2010
Ziva was the female were we started with she make our name known.

R.I.P our little girl
R.I.P. Demi van de ianhoeve
09-10-2003 - 10-07-2006

R.I.P Gorbi van
Dan Alhedy's Hoeve
12-03-1994 - mei 2004

R.I.P Jun Yi van de ianhoeve
11-05-2008 - Oktober 2012


R.I.P  Vasco van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve
16-12-1994 - maart 2005

R.I.P Amaro van de Ianhoeve
24-08-2000 - 27-01-2013
We will never forget you and your spirit lives further in your offsprings

R.I.P. Axel van de Ianhoeve
24-8-2000 - 25-7-2013

R.I.P. Ceres van de Ianhoeve
30-9-2002 - 10-10-2013